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Carlos Gonzalez Enjoys Training Polo Ponies

TAILS FROM THE TRAILS by Ellen Rosenberg

Carlos Gonzalez is passionate about the things in his life: his wife, his children, his horses and his sport, which happens to be polo. He grew up playing polo in his native Argentina, moved to South Florida 30 years ago and stayed here playing polo for 11 years. He then moved to Kentucky and South Carolina to play polo, returning to South Florida every season to… well, you get the picture.

Finally, four years ago, he settled in permanently off of F Road in Loxahatchee …

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Horse owners will have to follow new regulations in managing manure after the Wellington Village Council gave final approval Tuesday to an ordinance that will help the village meet environmental standards.

Council members approved an ordinance governing the village’s “best management practices” for manure storage and management.

The Equestrian Preserve Committee hashed out the issue for months before sending it to the council.

Under the new rules, manure bins must be covered with a lid, tarp or roof, Equestrian Master Plan Project Director Mike O’Dell said.

Additionally, they must be located at …

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Nora Janssen has found a way to marry two lifelong commitments: helping people and helping horses. She has been a registered nurse for many years, working in emergency rooms and specializing in psychiatric nursing.
“I use a lot of interaction and intervention when dealing with fearful or aggressive patients,” she said.
Janssen has been a rider all her life.
“I’ve always been infected with the horse virus,” she laughed. “I rode every chance I got as a kid growing up in New York City. Back then, you could rent a …